Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Une petite ...

When I hear music ,I fear no danger ,I'm invulnerable.I see no foe.I'm related to the earliest time an to the latest .
Thoreau, Journals 1857

Disques du mois(de la semaine et du jour)
What it is (coffret Rhino)
Médéric Collignon Jus de bocse
Harry Smith Project "revisited"..
Red Mitchell one long string
Nick Garrie "the lost songs"
Brazilian girls "talk to la bomb"
Caetano veloso"cê"
Antoine Hervé"Road Movie"
Andy Partridge"Fuzzy warbles" vol 7 & 8"
the Sparks "réeditions"
James Taylor "at christmas"
Jon Brion "meaningless"
Frank, Sinatra "Capitol"...
Roger manning Jr"the land of pure imagination"
Lady Sovereign
Tim Finn "new"
George Martin """"refait les Beatles """""
Sue Raney"all by myself"
Pretenders"Rhino reissues"
Paul Motian B'way vol 4
etc etc
A vous de jouer ....


Blogger Mwanji Ezana said...

TV On The Radio "Return To Cookie Mountain" (bon, ça fait plusieurs mois déjà)
The Roots "Game Theory" (magnifique, mais l'Outkast est plutôt décevant, non?)
Esperanza Spalding "Junjo"
Charles Mingus "UCLA 1965"
Rodney Kendrick "We Don't Die, We Multiply"
Jason Moran "Artist In Residence"
Cecil Taylor "One Too Many Salty Swift And Not Goodbye" / "The Eighth"
The Claudia Quintet "Semi-Formal"
Harry Miller's Isispingo "Which Way Now"

Toutes récentes acquisitions:
Ornette Coleman "Sound Grammar"
Dave Holland Quintet "Critical Mass"

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Lawkyz (UHT°) said...

Wise 'Metrophone'
Jon Thorn 'Oedipus Complex' (Contrebassiste de Lamb avec pleins d'invités de marque)
The Roots 'Game Theory'
Squarepusher 'hello Everything'
ron Carter 'The Bass & I'
Michel Benita 'Drastic'

9:38 AM  
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